DIRECTIONS for making Elephant Paper Dolls:

Download the images or print these pages, then ...

1. Photocopy this master onto card or index stock for the number of dolls you want to produce.

2. To make a family we suggest you copy ...
one @ 100% size for Papa,
one @ 78% size for Mama, and
one for each child @ 65% and/or 50%.

Do the same with the clothing templates so garments will fit.

1. Color doll and trunk as desired. Don't forget toenails & eyes.
2. Carefully cut doll with base flap from sheet.
3. Fold base flap to back at line 'A' and cut out area between legs.

4. Fold base flap again at line 'B' and tape or glue to back of figure so figure stands on base.

5. Cut slot for trunk.
6. Cut out trunk, insert tab in face through slot and tape to back of head. For female or young child simply cut off tusks if you so desire.

Below are the clothing templates. Be sure to leave tabs on garments when you cut them out.

1. Make copies on plain or colored paper.

2. Color or decorate as desired. You can draw items such as belts, buttons, jewelry and so forth on the copies. (Gift wrap paper with small colorful patterns makes great looking clothes.)

3. Cut from sheet with tabs.

4. Fold tabs behind doll to attach clothes.

NOTE: elephant dolls do not have pinched waists so clothes must hang from shoulders. All outfits must be single piece or have additional straps for shoulders.

Consider other possibilities like these ...
1. Tracing onto thin basswood or balsa and making a slotted wood block base.

2. Laminating the figure for strength and durability.

3. Gluing a paper figure to heavy cardboard.

(Reminder: you may not sell copies of this document nor products made from these templates).
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Paper Doll Template Coverall
Dress Shirt & Pants/Shorts

The coverall can be made into a suit by how it is colored, or a jumper by cutting out a scoop neckline. The shirt and pants can become shorts if you cut part off the pant legs. With scissors you can make a dress have its hemline any place you want it. If you think these examples show a poor sense of style or color, you must remember that elephants are not known for good taste in clothing.


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