Elephants are herbivores so if your name is Herb stay away from their mouths. Just joking. An herbivore is a creature who eats only vegetation ... no meat. As you can see at the page top, Ollie is shoveling in some kind of green glop. Ugh.

Elephants living in the wild eat mostly grasses, sort of like cows do, but they also eat tree leaves and shrubs and even branches. It is believed their favorite is the acacia. They are also very happy to raid farmers' crops and eat all manner of vegetables.

Elephants in captivity are fed a variety of foods they regard as wonderful treats not usually available in the wild. They are famous for loving peanuts. They also greatly enjoy all fruits ... bananas, apples, pears ... and any kind of vegetables like lettuce, spinach, broccoli, squash, and many others you might not like very much.

Wild elephants spend sixteen hours or more every day finding food. They eat about 300 pounds of stuff every day. A lot of it is poorly digested and goes on through the elephant. Splat. Plop.

All these carrots, corn, tomatoes, and greens are a feast to an elephant.

They also eat grains and hay. An elephant can eat as much hay as many horses or cows.


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